The problem with cutting your own fringe!

Many of us are under the misconception that cutting or trimming our own fringes at home is easy. There are quite a few factors we don't take into consideration when cutting our own fringes. We have all seen the horror videos on youtube of people “giving it a go” and the disaster results they get.

Here are some reasons why we don't recommend cutting or trimming your our own fringe at home.

1. You don't have the correct tools to do it. To get great results on cutting or trimming a fringe you need great scissors. Kitchen or nail scissors are NOT ok. Hairdressing scissors are

specifically designed for cutting hair and give a sharp and clean result. Kitchen or nail scissors however, do not.

2. Cutting a fringe wet is not a very good idea. When the hair is wet it stretches and will give the illusion that it is longer than it actually is. Therefore it is extremely easy to cut too much length off. In doing this, when the fringe is dried off and styled, it will be too short, and let's be honest who can hide a fringe that's too short?!

3. Cutting fringes with cowlicks and different growth patterns can be challenging even for a hairdresser to cut and style at times because it will generally grow in a different direction or sit differently to the rest of the fringe/hair. This is not a factor that people would take into consideration when attempting cutting a fringe at home. Thus cutting a dried & styled fringe is the best.

4. Hair comes in 3 different textures (fine, medium, coarse). All 3 hair textures require a different cutting technique. For example coarse or thick hair would require removing weight so that it will sit correctly, where as a fine fringe would not require this.

That is why it is best left up to the professionals!


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