Updated: Feb 19, 2019

The age old question of “how often do I shampoo?” or “how many times do I shampoo my hair and am I doing it correctly?”

First off, use a good shampoo (something more than $20). It’ll be better for your hair (strength/colour) and most likely have less chemicals. Most hairdressers will agree that shampooing every second day is the maximum people should be cleansing their hair. By all means shampoo less often than that (at your discretion) but never more than that, especially if you have blonde hair.

IF you have to shampoo your hair everyday you are most likely doing it incorrectly or you are using a product that might not be a good match to your hair type (or your haircut is wrong for you, but thats another discussion).... anyway, ALWAYS shampoo your hair TWICE on the roots only, never the ends. This means, wet the hair, shampoo, rinse, shampoo again (scrub hard), rinse, condition the ends, rinse, have a good day. The reason for shampooing twice is simple, you have about 100,000 follicles on your head, which takes a lot to clean, the first shampoo will loosen up the oil, sweat, dirt and pollution. The first shampoo will also have a chemical reaction with your hair follicle, since hair and shampoo are both negatively charged they oppose each-other which opens the cuticle layer, leaving it all ready for that second shampoo to do a thorough clean! The second shampoo will come through and really remove all the 'unwanted's' from the hair shaft. Think of it this way, if you spilt sauce or cooking oil on your kitchen counter would one pass of a cloth get ALL the oily residue…nope and its the same for your hair.

Remember the ends don’t need shampooing since they don’t get oily, as the shampoo runs off your hair in the shower this should be enough to clean them anyway. Only condition the ends and mid lengths since conditioning the roots could result in them getting oilier quicker.