Shampoo & Conditioner - Expensive vs Cheap

A supermarket brand or cheaper brand WILL give you clean hair, it’ll take off the oils your scalp has generated, also it’ll condition the ends, and it’ll also smell nice… Sounds like what the more expensive products do, right!? So why use salon grade shampoos and conditioners… That age old question…

And the answer? QUALITY.

The same quality that separates the price point of a Lamborghini to a Toyota Yaris… The internals of the more expensive are better, stronger and more reliable in giving you the result you are after.

An expensive shampoo will have great ingredients such as fruit or plant extracts, it will be a very concentrated formula thus you have to use less and it will contain less harmful chemicals, which is better for your colour and your scalp, and it’ll also have less water to fatten it up. Like most people, I too like to like to use products with less harmful chemicals in them, they’re better for me and for the environment.

At Travis Hairdressing, we have taken this step by stocking a range of Australian made natural shampoos, conditioners, hair care and face care products. These products are free from sulfates, silicons, parabens and include a large amount of certified organic ingredients.  This is what you are buying when you purchase a hair care product with a higher price point, quality from all angles.