Most Common Hair Myths & Truths

Air Drying is better than blow drying.....


Studies have revealed while blow drying your hair causes light damage to the hair's surface, air-drying hair can also cause damage to the strands themselves. When your hair is wet it is at its most vulnerable state. Having it wet for an extended period of time (lets say the time it takes to air dry) the hair swells and puts pressure on the protein bonds that make up the hair and keep it in tact. The best way to dry your hair would be to let it air dry to about 75% then, with your blow dryer on a low heat, finish it off.

The more you brush your hair, the healthier it is....


Yes, brushing can distribute natural oils throughout the hair but more is not always best. In fact, too much brushing causes static friction, which causes frizz and can lead to breakage over time. Brush only as needed and brush gently, starting at the bottom and working your way up slowly to your roots.

You need to change shampoo because they stop working....


Different shampoos deliver different results for different people. One might have proteins to give you extra volume, one might have moisture properties to re-hydrate dry strands. A shampoo doesn't just stop working so switching shampoo comes down to personal preference and your hairs current state. For example, if you have just had it freshly bleached you might want to select a more moisturising formula.

Trimming your hair every 6 weeks makes it grow faster.....


Hair grows from the scalp. Having frequent trims has nothing to do with how fast your hair grows. The reason why you have heard this tip so much is because regular trims help to prevent split ends and breakage which happen at the ends of your hair. Leaving your hair a long time in between trims can cause the hair to break up the hair shaft, thus appearing to slow your growth down. Having a haircut every 4 to 12 weeks (depending on length) will minimise split ends and leave your hair healthier, stronger and neater as it grows. On a side note, some hairdressers are known to nibble too much off the ends when going in for a 'trim' so find a good hairdresser that listens.

If you pluck grey hair, two more will grow back....


Grey hairs, we will all get them, but will you get 2 if you pluck 1? The answer is no. If you do pluck them they WILL come back, just constant plucking may lead to scarring that can lead to thinning or patches of hair loss. So it's is best to leave them and avoid plucking all together!