What are the different types of hair colour?

Temporary Colours

Temporary colours work on the surface of the hair shaft (cuticle layer) to add a sheer/gloss colour that generally only lasts one to five shampoos. If used on pre-lightened or very porous hair the colour can penetrate further into the cortex and stain the hair. An example of temporary hair colours are mascara or crayon root touch up products or hair colour spray.

Semi Permanent Colour

Semi permanent hair colour contains no ammonia and deposits colour into the hair cuticle layer while adding shine to the hair. Semi colours will gradually soften out over time. They are great for refreshing colour, enhancing natural colour, toning services or blending greys, however they will not give you 100% coverage. They are fairly low maintenance as they will gradually fade leaving you with minimal obvious regrowth.

Permanent Colour

Permanent colour contains ammonia which opens the hair cuticle so that colour can penetrate into the cortex therefore making it permanent. These colours can be used to lighten, darken, or add or change the tone of your natural hair colour. They also provide 100% grey coverage. Permanent colour can be fairly high maintenance as it grows out leaving you with a regrowth line which we recommend to be touched up every 4-6 weeks.

Chroma Colour

Chroma is the latest of our amazing Lakme colour ranges to come out! It is an ammonia free, permanent hair colour. It is gentle on the hair and scalp while providing vibrant colour and shine. This range also has 100% grey coverage and it can lighten and darken hair just like the permanant range.

Bleach Lightener

Unlike colouring hair where pigments are deposited into the hair shaft, bleach causes the natural melanin (colour pigment) of the hair shaft to break down or dissolve. Initially bleach dissolves the black and brown pigments which is relatively easy. It then dissolves the red and finally the yellow which are harder to dissolve. This is why a big colour change like going from dark to light will possibly need more then just one sitting. Bleach can be very damaging on the hair if not done by a professional. A lot of the time we tone hair after a bleaching service which will deposit colour pigments back into the hair shaft depending on the desired result.


Toners are used to add natural or visable tones or to remove brassy/unwanted tones after a colour or bleaching service. They help give an even colour from root to tip. You can choose from a range of different colours. Warm tones include copper, caramel and honey. Cool tones include light ash or silver. Toners can also be used to create pastel colour like pink and lilac.


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