I am allergic to colour, is there another option other than henna colours?

Yes! Foils are the best option, we can simply do a nice chocolate brown, or mix it up with some nice highlights and lowlights. Since the colour is totally incased in a foil it does not touch the scalp thus keeping you safe from any chemical penetration or skin reactions.

What colour brand do you use?

We use Lakme

Is your colour Ammonia free?

The Demi range from Lakme is Ammonia free.

Do we have to tone my blonde after we colour it?

Not always, there are HEAPS of different toners to chose from and sometimes people have had a bad experience with toners thus they judge them all the same, let me tell you, the right toner will result with the right blonde. If you wish to not have a toner that is fine, we never rinse a blonde unless its ‘clean’, which results in a very minimal unwanted reflect. The right toner will remove all unwanted tones.

Cut & Styling

If I have long hair, and want to keep it long, can I just get a little bit cut off even though it might need more?

Yes! Since it is your hair you may have as little or as much as you would like to cut off.

Can you cut curly hair?

Yes. In my opinion curly hair demands a different cutting method than typical hair. Curly hair needs movement, separation and more movement, none of this can be achieved with any form of blunt cutting on the length or layers of curly hair. Point cutting, slide cutting and under graduated layers work best with curly hair.

Can I bring in photos for colour and cut inspiration?

Of course! A photo says a thousand words, the more the merrier.


Do you stock a natural range of hair care?

Yes, we have our own range of shampoos and conditioners that are colour safe, Australian made, paraben and sulphate free.

The Chop

Why donate?

At least 4,000 ponytails are needed each year to make enough wigs for those living without hair as a result of medically-induced hair loss-conditions. So, when dumped in landfill, valuable ponytails have just become wasted resources… until now.

What is The Chop?

The Chop is our newest initiative, supporting individuals who are looking to donate their hair for wig production. We believe you should be rewarded for your kind donation and not charged, that's why we offer the cut free of charge.

Who can donate?

We accept hair from people of any age, gender, hair type and hair colour as long as the hair is properly prepared and measures the correct length. 36cm and longer High-grade ponytails are a minimum of 36cm long and "virgin hair", meaning they are uncoloured and not chemically-processed. This must be measured from where the elastic band is tied (NOT from where the hair has been cut) to the tip of the hair. High-grade ponytails are incredibly special – they can be made into wigs for kids, or because they are so valuable they can help fund other life-changing programs! If you’re growing your hair specially to make a ponytail donation, just by waiting a little longer for more length or cutting your hair shorter to reach the 36cm you will make a truly special impact. 20cm to 36cm The MINIMUM length of ponytails we accept is 20cm, measured from where the elastic band is tied (NOT from where the hair has been cut) to the tip of the hair. Ponytails between 20cm and 36cm will be matched with other ponytails of similar length and condition. Coloured/Processed Hair We accept coloured and chemically-processed hair. Coloured and processed hair will be matched with shorter ponytails and processed hair by wig-makers. Curly Hair Curly hair ponytails are accepted, but must meet the minimum 20cm length without being straightened. Layered Hair Strands of hair shorter than 20cm within a ponytail are unusable and will be removed during the wig-making process. If your hair is very layered, we recommend waiting a couple of months to increase the viability of your donation. Hair Extensions We only accept 100% HUMAN HAIR extensions, as originally verified and labelled by the product supplier. We do not accept hair extensions made from any other materials. All Hair Extensions must be prepared and donated in the same way as freshly cut ponytails. Please DO NOT include clips, bonds or tape in the donation.

Is their any hair you don't accept?

Unfortunately there are some hair we just cant accept. These are: Wet Hair Dreadlocks Synthetic Hair Loose Hair Ponytails shorter than 20cm

Where do the ponytails go?

First stop: The Sustainable Salons Depot When ponytails arrive at the Sustainable Salons depot, their team sorts and grades EVERY PONYTAIL BY HAND according to length, colour and hair type. The ponytails need to be sorted into various categories because each recipient we distribute to has different requirements depending on how they process them for wig-making. Charitable Organisations We send ponytails to charitable organisations such as Variety the Children’s Charity and the Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation (AAAF) to be made into charitable wigs or to fund life-changing programs. As high-grade ponytails are super valuable, these organisations sell them to wig-makers and use the return to help fund life-changing programs (including providing wigs to kids!) across their amazing platforms. Independent Wig-Makers We also send ponytails to local, independent wig-makers to be made into charitable wigs. These wig-makers work directly with clients they find through connections with hospitals, and local community and support groups. These clients are mostly adults, so the wig-makers can work with shorter and coloured hair because adult hairstyles rarely require the long, virgin-condition ponytails that children’s wigs do. For your peace of mind Sustainable Salons only sends ponytail donations to verified charities and independent wig-makers working on charitable wigs only (not-for-profit). Although the independent wig-maker may need to charge for their labour (this remains between the wig-maker and the client), they provide the hair from Sustainable Salons free of charge to the recipient. This saves the recipient potentially thousands of dollars!




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