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"We're recycling 95% of our salon waste. Lets save the planet!"

As of September 2019 our salon took the plunge, vowing to be 95% sustainable.. which means we only send 5% of our salons' waste to landfill. This is only achievable by our partnership with an amazing Australian company 'Sustainable Salons'. 


Sustainable Salons give us everything we need to reduce and remove our production of waste, in fact they take what we previously called 'waste' and now have turned it into a commodity used to give back to the local community and the world. 


This is achieved by our new salon bin system, consisting of a metals bin, plastics bin, chemical bin, hair bin and paper bin. In their own individual way, each bin provides its own opportunities to give back to our world, once again turning what we DID call waste, into a global sustainable recourse.


The bins:

The metals bin is for such things as foil and colour tubes, since metals are 100% recyclable, Sustainable Salons melt down the metals and re-sell them to company's, they then give this money to a company call OZ Harvest who provides meals for the homeless.. thats right! Your hair colours go towards feeding homeless people! 


Our hair bin is solely for hair. Sustainable Salons collect all the hair and use it to save the oceans from oil spills. This is achieved by creating something similar to a stocking stuffed with hair called a 'hair boom'. Since human hair has been officially proven to be the worlds best asset to absorbing oil from oceans, these hair booms have become one of the worlds leading oil absorbing resources. 


We at Travis Hairdressing believe, along with our clients support, that if we can change just the smallest part of the world and the community for the better, then we have done our job. There is no better feeling than knowing that every time we open up the shop in the morning that we are about to make a change to the world, and every time we lock up the doors at the end of the day we have done all we can to create a better tomorrow for humanity.   



A wonderful part about our partnership with Sustainable Salons, is that they make it super easy for individuals to donate their ponytails for wig production. 


Sustainable Salons collects ponytails and distributes them to charitable organisations and local wig-makers where they can become wigs for those suffering from medically-induced hair-loss conditions such as Alopecia and cancer, or help fund other life-changing programs!

At Travis Hairdressing, we wanted to take this one step further and have introduced our new program, "The Chop".

"The Chop" has been established to support anyone who is wanting to donate their hair by offering them their cut free of charge. You've already done the hard yards by growing your hair so we think you should be rewarded and not charged for such effort. 

If you'd like more information about the program, head to our FAQs or contact us at the salon. 

Check out some of the incredible people who have already participated in "The Chop".




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